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(i didn`t translate our statutes/by-laws, because thats legal stuff and i dont want to make any mistakes)


Update 18.01.2017:

Good news again:

Hammaburg has two new Prospects:

November 2016: Piet

Januar 2017: Agent

And also North got a new Prospect in December 2016:

Welcomw Fuzzi


Update 17.10.2016:


We welcome the new Fullmembers of our North Chapter: EzuP and Hesta.
And a warm welcome to the three new Prospects:

Hammaburg: Propp
North: Thomas
Bembeltown: Eric


Update 22.09.2016:

Long time no change, we are now 4 Chapters, the latest is Hammaburg.

We also had our first own succesful party on september 17th
thx again to all who were there even our new friends from Belgium, the Locks & Bikes LEMC.

You can find pictures now in the pictures section (obviously)


You will see the contact info by clicking on the pictures on the left side.


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